Ever wondered how your vegetables are grown? Want to learn more about how hydroponics is changing the course of farming?

Wait not further! Sign up for our guided farm tours and let our experienced guides show you. Activate your senses as you touch, smell and taste the fresh produce right at the farm. It doesn’t get fresher than this!

We specialise in organising farm tours for preschool, students and adults from all walks of life.

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PreSchool Learning
Journey Guided Farm Tour
PreSchool Learning Journey

Children will get to be a farmer for a day and know more about the different types of vegetables through sensorial learning.

Suitable for children of 18 months to 6 years old.

Primary & Secondary Learning Journey Guided Farm Tour
Primary & Secondary Learning Journey

Students will have a taste of freshly harvested produce, know more about the life cycle of plants and how hydroponics play an important role in modern day farming.

Professional Guided Farm Tour
Professional Guided Farm Tour

Learn more about hydroponics and the technicalities behind it.

Find out how our farm is advancing towards Singapore’s 30×30 growth plan.

Senior Citizen Guided Farm Tour
Standard Guided Farm Tour

Know more about the vegetables that you buy in the supermarket and have a farm-to-table experience.

Suitable for 40 years old and above.

Standard Guided Farm Tour
Senior Citizen Guided Farm Tour

Be a farmer for a day while learning more about modern farming and how hydroponics play a role.

Suitable for a mix of age groups.


Beyond our guided farm tours, we also offer workshops for students. What’s the difference? Guided farm tours focus on observing and learning from a guide, while hands-on workshops emphasize active participation and experiential learning.

Take learning beyond the classroom to a local farm!

Learning and Growing Edible Plants Workshop

This workshop is designed with the MOE Science Syllabus in mind, providing an engaging and educational learning journey for students. It offers an interactive, hands-on experience where students not only discover edible plants but also learn how to transform them into food!

Drop us an email for more details.


Most suitable for students in upper primary and secondary.

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