The Farming Process

Simple, traditional farming is relatively well understood all around the world, and what Kok Fah Technology Farm has done is incorporating automated machinery systems to its production chair, to help facilitate and speed up the farming process, whilst also helping improve farmer’s working conditions and lightening their workload.

With the assistance of the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), and integrating such machinery like the Automated Seedling Machine into its farming process, KFTF has shown to improve its overall production supply tremendously.


Machinery such as Automated Seeding Machine and Bale Dosage Bunker, are examples of some high-tech equipment KFTF used to assist farmers in completing their tasks. Better efficiency and productivity are hence achieved while reducing the amount of labour as required by traditional farming.
With these enhancements, KFTF keep traditional farming competitive in today’s society and continues to offer a stable supply of fresh produce for the local markets.
Another feature at KFTF is the Greenhouse Nursery, where our seedlings are being grown. As the stage of the seedling is delicate and plays a vital role in affecting the quality of the end produce, this greenhouse Nursery helps in ensuring all necessary growing conditions are optimised so as to achieve higher output.


The Packing House of KFTF in operation conforms and has been certified with a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standard, a systematic preventive approach to effectively reduce the risk levels of possible hazards identified in the process to a safe level. Through the integration of an automated packing machine, the entire production line was mechanised for assembly and packing of leafy vegetables to reduce production loss. 

In KFTF, we adopt the best practices on a regional standard basis and constantly updating our system procedures with the latest guidelines, for example the new Singapore Standard (SS) for the cold chain system. KFTF has since perfected the temperature-controlled chain to assure that exposure to inappropriate conditions does not compromise the quality of our produce during the process. 

Composting System

The Composting System is a revolutionary industrial machine that allows our company to produce a large amount of high-grade compost by re-utilising vegetable waste generated from our packing house.

This 100% fully automated, in-vessel composting system allows thermophilic composting via automated mixing, compost aeration and moisture addition, allowing the compost to be agitated 2 to 4 times daily. Bio-filter installed within the machine also helps in eliminating odour produced during the composting process, making the working environment much conducive for our employees.

Through the integration of this composter, recycling of vegetable wastes are made possible, and enables us to reach the goal of achieving sustainable farming in Singapore.


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